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Social Psychology :: 13. 09. 2006 ::
:: Longitudinal study of stress and romantic relationships
  James Graham
Western Washington University
  This study hopes to examine how couples use their relationships to adapt to stressful life events. Participating couples must be cohabiting in a long-term, committed romantic relationship. There are no additional requirements  couples may have been together for any length of time, may be married or not, and may be heterosexual or homosexual. Participating couples will be asked to complete an internet-based survey now (taking approximately 20 to 30 minutes), and to complete a series of 3 shorter surveys (taking approximately 5 to 10 minutes each) at 3-month intervals. Participating couples will be paid $50 for their participation ($25 after completing the first survey, $25 after completing the final survey).
9-month longitudinal study, Participating couples paid $50