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Other :: 13. 09. 2012 ::
:: Map of science study
  Markus Christen, Thomas Ott
Universität Zürich
  We invite you to spend a few minutes in a global survey that intends to map the structure of science by collecting the individual appreciations of many thousands researchers, scholars etc. about which disciplines "fit together". The survey is completely anonymous and you don't disclose any personal information beside a general statement about the field in which you work. You decide how long the survey takes. The survey works a follows: Every screen shows you three boxes denoting scientific disciplines - two on the upper row and one on the lower row. When you move the cursor over each box, you get a short text explaining this discipline. The task is to decide, which one of the two disciplines of the upper row fits best to the discipline highlighted in blue of the lower row. Check the left box, if the upper left discipline fits better, or the right box, if the upper right discipline fits better. Try to decide between the two disciplines, whenever possible. However, if according to you opinion neither discipline has any similarity with the discipline highlighted in blue, check the box “no similarity”. After you have made your decision, click next and a new triplet of disciplines will appear. If you want to stop the survey, just click stop.