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Personality Psychology :: 29. 07. 2011 ::
:: Interpersonal Values and Political Orientation
  Andrew Reilly, Arran Gare, Christine Critchley
Swinburne University of Technology
  This study aims to investigate the relationship between peoples’ attitudes towards other people and their political values, as there has been very little research in this area to date. Interpersonal values are the values that people have concerning their interactions with other people. For example, some people enjoy spending time with others and working together, while other people prefer to spend time alone and working by themselves. All of these values can be considered to be important in some way, and the purpose of this study is to see whether they are related to the kind of political values people have. The purpose of this study is not to ‘pigeon-hole’ people, but to gain an understanding into how people’s values are expressed in our political systems.
Participants need to have voted in at least 3 elections in the last 10 years. Prize draw for $AU100 gift voucher.