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Social Psychology :: 16. 11. 2007 ::
:: Video Game Play, Personality, and Dreams
  Beena Kuruvilla & Jayne Gackenbach
Grant MacEwan College
  The current study seeks to further explore the relationship between dreaming and electronic media use, especially, but not exclusively, video game playing experience. As such, we need individuals with various backgrounds in video game play, including those with limited to no experience. After reporting the dream you had the night prior to filling out the survey you will be asked a series of questions about that dream including questions about your awareness of yourself during the dream. Additionally, you will be asked which electronic media you used the day prior to the dream and what the impact of that media was on you. By participating, you make a valuable contribution to basic knowledge about the experience of video game play and more broadly the impact of media use on dreams.
Ethics approval has already be attained