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Social Psychology :: 30. 05. 2007 ::
:: Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace
  G.Tendayi Viki
University of Kent, UK
  The purpose of this study is to look into and document the experiences of sexual harassment of women in their workplace. It should not require more than 15 minutes to complete. In this questionnaire participants are going to be asked to answer some short questions regarding experiences of sexual harassment in your workplace. Due to the nature of the questionnaire some of the questions participants may find are of a sensitive nature. Any question that they feel is sensitive or distressing, they are free not to answer. They are also free to stop the questionnaire at any time they feel like it without any negative consequences. We can assure you that all data will be used solely for research purposes and that there is strict confidentiality of the results. All data are coded and stored in a safe place where noone apart from the researcher has access to.